Veteran Benefits

If you served in the U.S. military, you are probably eligible for disability benefits.  Applying for disability benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can be a long, frustrating process. An attorney can help you navigate through the VA labyrinth, and while an attorney can’t make the VA decide your claim any faster, legal assistance can help you get more of the benefits you are entitled to. It is a significant advantage to be represented by an attorney because VA laws and regulations are complex, often difficult to understand, and subject to frequent change.

Veteran Benefits

This is no doubt a stressful situation and Menard Law is in a unique position to help you. Lead by a U.S. Army Veteran, our office knows the challenges faced by Veterans and the impacts that arise when you do not have access to these programs. You may need assistance with a disability appeal or find your healthcare claims are continuously denied.  We can help.

Menard Law is based in Tucson, Arizona and serves clients throughout Arizona and nationwide.

If you face difficulty securing veteran benefits of any kind, Menard Law is available to assist you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

You served our country with honor.  We welcome the opportunity to serve you.